Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my first media mention

san diego citybeat magazine 04-14-10 page 40

link to online article

Thursday, April 8, 2010

beryl corbitt

"we leave with nothing but love"
i've come to accept that i'm not quite normal... that i don't handle most situations the way that an average individual would... doesn't mean that i don't try most of the time. it comforts me to know the amount of people in my life that have known and accepted this about me long before i had a clue :)
looking back, my great grandmother was the same way. though she was 60 years older than me i always found a bit of my identity in her. for as long as i knew her she was never the the one leading a conversation or trying to be the center of attention but was a goldmine of information and ready to answer any questions she may have the answer to. one of my favorite moments with her was when she came to my bridal shower and pulled me aside, wanting me to open my present from her separate from the rest of the gifts. inside the gift was curtains, a jewelry box, and an apron. she lifted up the apron and said "this isn't for you, it's for joseph" and started giggling. she had an amazing memory too, often asking by name how my friends were doing. she even remembered their birthdays. i like remembering her when i was about five years old and she was trying to teach me how to swim faster... wading in the shallow end of the pool with her skirted bathing suite and huge white visor...
there's no doubt that she lived a full life... no one can ask for more than 95 years. her passing does amplify a certain gap in our family... and i have to find my own way to celebrate her life.

"only the losers win, we're got nothing to prove. we'll leave the world with nothing to lose" -sf