Tuesday, August 17, 2010

baby ticker

today: 15 weeks 6 days
i keep beginning an entry then end up forgetting what i'm doing, getting distracted, or falling asleep. i've had quite the journey with this pregnancy so far and still find it a bit difficult to accept as reality.

making it through the first trimester was pretty rough, but i did have assistance from many directions, including dorothy's sea bands which really helped with the nausea. now that i'm in the second semester i don' feel nauseous nearly as often but i am pretty exhausted all the time. my belly bump has become noticeable only to me and my size 9 pants still fit!

jenny and i have been taking walks at the nightime zoo at least once a week (a year pass was my bday present from her). i'm dissapointed that summer is coming to a close but i'm also looking forward to the autumn months. i'm still working on ideas for a pregnant halloween costume.

i can't wait to have a baby. there's a fullfilment in it that i don't think i've ever realized before. after stuggling with art and comedy i now realize that THIS is my purpose. and while i still enjoy writing and creating, my child will be my true legacy.

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Molly Murcia said...

I love you!!! I love reading your thoughts!!! I miss chai tea and soul soothing!!!

I look forward to hearing more!!!

p.s. how about a cow costume complete with utters for the baby bump?? Just throwin it out there... or maybe a pregnant zombie with like little zombie hands and feet coming out of ur stomach?? No? hmmmm... ill keep thinking on it :)