Friday, October 22, 2010

today: 25 weeks, 2 days

slowly progressing, one day at a time, growing larger by the moment :)

i've been stuggling to keep even emotions lately... at work unruly customers get to me and frustrate me more than usual... at home i mostly battle my computer. last night i spent hours and hours on a logo, thinking that it was saved the entire time but when i went to save as a copy turns out illustrator wasn't saving it at all and shut down without so much as a jpeg to show for all the work. it really shouldn't suprise me so much because my version of the software isn't exactly legal. but that didn't keep me from crying about it.

i've also been having some weird weird dreams lately... last night i had psychic abilities and a talking dog.

struggling with having faith that the world be will repaired as i do my part... faith that the world is doing it's part...

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Jarrodactor said...

Hehe. I want psychic abilities and a talking dog!!